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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

You can build your dream home one brick at a time

I came across a very interesting article by Tony Zakaria from the Daily news, titled You can build your dream home one brick at a time. I have to admit, the article is well-thought and excellently worded. It is a must-read

What are your views on this article?


Mliakuvana said...

Good math, and the funny thing is its true.

Depending on where you are building, the costs will vary significantly. One can build a three-bedroom house in Iringa for 30million Tshiilings but that will not even allow you to do the same in Dar unless you go out way out of town.

Interestingly, to get ahead in life and build for your retirement and all the good life one needs etc requires that you actually do what the author recommends - tighten your belt! Also, get out of debt, save and acquire assets, and invest.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Ha! This is funny. Tighten your belt! You must be joking. People have been doing that. Where have you been?
And what are the suggestions on
how to acquire assets,invest, get out of debt and save?
Same old thing, lazy and stupid. Stop complaining, tighten your belts! We know how business is done in Tanzania.
You are so funny.