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                              TOL 330.00     TBL 1,800.00     TTP 510.00     TCC 1,640.00     SIMBA 1,780.00     SWISSPORT 650.00     TWIGA 1,340.00 -20.00     NICOL 305.00     DCB 360.00     KA 1,500.00     EABL 2,000.00     JHL 5,860.00    
LAST UPDATE: 24/9/2008 - 5:58PM EAT

Friday, July 25, 2008

2008/09 Tanzanian Budget

For the last one month the Tanzanian Parliament has been discussing the 2008/09 Budget. Sadly, a lot of Tanzanians do not take the time to fully read budget speeches; even so called experts (i.e. Economists, Business, Finance professionals, Political Scientists, etc). At the very best, we would listen to the speech on the radio, or just read what is reported in the media or talked about on the streets. It is high time we started paying close attention and analyse everything; God knows half of our MPs don't.
I hereby call upon all members to read this years speech on Government Expenditure and Revenue estimates delivered by the Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs, Hon. Mustafa Haidi Mkulo on 12/06/2008. It can be found here in English and in Swahili

Many thank yous to an anonymous member (a.k.a Mkulima) who suggested this discussion topic

Thursday, July 24, 2008


Dear forum members,
Here is a question posted by Mr. Deo Ruta, a member of this forum. He asks, "HOW DID THE AFRICAN FINANCIAL SYSTEMS AVOID THE WALL STREET CRUNCH?". This topic is open for discussion; we welcome your inputs

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Treasury Bills Auction Summary - 23/Jul/2008

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