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Monday, September 1, 2008

Kikwete: Abject poverty looms despite good economic growth


PRESIDENT Jakaya Kikwete yesterday declared that the
country still faced the challenge of promoting economic growth
to reduce surging poverty levels that were still prevalent despite
the impressive growth rates achieved so far.
In his address to the nation through the Parliament, the
President addressed several key areas that covered the state of
the economy, Union matters, the issue of Muafaka, corruption,
leadership code, judiciary, and women integration in the
political process. He said some of the challenges to economic
growth were due to natural catastrophes and shortages that
were not anticipated before. “The noise that the public
is making about increased costs of living is not out of the blue,
it is justifiable,” said President Kikwete, who acknowledged
the difficult economic and social conditions people were now
facing. He outlined the factors that had led to these conditions
as including the energy crisis that had brought about sharp
increases of oil prices and the 2006 drought that hit the
country hard, leading to scarcity of electricity. The President
also hinted at other economic challenges like global inflation,
which, he said, had been on the increase since the fourth phase
government came to power. More...



Anonymous said...

So what is new now? Like many other parts of Africa, poverty in Tanzania is overwhemling in rural areas. Who is responsible for that?
Should it not be responsibility of the representatives selected to represent their own people? Instead they are busy collecting lucrative businesses in Dar es salaam.
Look at Mbezi Beach and other areas in Dar es salaam and tell me who are the owners of the properties?
The President gets the bulk of votes from rural people, they put him in the office but he still needs to govern. Does he think Swahili women should remain silent?
The President is responsible to govern all the people of Tanzania not favoring his friends.

Anonymous said...

The issue is that we have been politisizing the "poverty" thing to get help from others to the extent that our collective conscous mindset only focus on poverty, as abject as it is!! And what you focus on grows larger and larger and larger!! The main problem therefore is within our heads!! Let's focus on the positive, the wealth, and stop complaining!! Are we the nation of whinners?? No outside help will alleviate anything unless every tanzanians (in fact all blacks, me included) will strive to be their own best in what they do, in whatever circumstances we are currently in!! FULL STOP

Anonymous said...

anony wa 8:38, uliposema "Are we the nation of whinners??" umenikumbusha Phil Gramm's comments on US recession :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes! we are the nation of whinners no question about it. We do not have anything to do and "wining" will be our song as far as nothing can be done or will never be done.
Dont tell me in all 40 years of our independent from british that we are still running the country as if we are dead. We have tried all means and kinds of running the economy and still the country inflation is large compared to years back.
We will stay in poverty no matter what we will say, do , study, change or adopt unless we end corruption.