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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

New Layout

Dear Forum members,
We have recently changed the layout of our page. Extensive tests have been done to guarantee that the display on Firefox and IE is perfect. Tests on other browsers will soon follow, however, we do not anticipate any problems. Kindly report any glitches on the new page to the administrator

We kindly welcome feedback on how you like the new layout in comparison to the previous one.


Anonymous said...

Hey, Peter it looks good now.
But dont' tell or make me think that this in somehow is the way of making you secure a job with BOT, DSE or be an instructor with high learning institutions in Tanzania.
I will be happy to contribute a lot into this forum as a reader and a business profession.
Hey, Peter can you also keep other business topics open, as I have learned many of the areas that are covered in this forum in many way are related to Banks, DSE and High learning institutions and in someways keep other contributors a-far to comment.

Nalitolela, P. S. said...

thanks Anonymous, Tue Sep 02, 10:13:00 PM for your comments.
First of all, please accept my apologies if the posts on the forum seem to be centered around specific areas; it is just that the people who have contributed to these topics so far have particular expertise in those areas; however the forum is not restricted to just capital markets, baking, etc.
The focus of the forum is on Economics and Finance; however, we welcome posts from different areas. As I pointed in my first post, it is my hope that we will get contribution from different disciplines and backgrounds.

For instance, a person who studies Urban Geography can post something on City Planning; an engineer (or environmentalist for that matter) can post something on Renewable Fuels; a sociologist can post something about the Social impact of certain economic policies on the Tanzanian society; a political scientist can post something on international political economy; etc. the list can go on forever.

I would like to take this opportunity to welcome posts/topic from all forum members. They may be in the form of an article from a research journal or some scholarly work the author has previously engaged him/herself with; or it may be a question aimed to elicit answers or a provocative topic that can be debated on; or a report/article from a newspaper/website, etc.
You can email the topic you want posted to me; or you can even go a step further and join our list of authors/contributors. Just drop me a line or two in my email, and I will invite you to become an author.

and to answer your question, no the aim of this blog is not to help me get a job with BoT/DSE/H. Learning Inst.; I started this out of my personal interest and love for the fields of Economics and Finance, and help other Tanzanians, especially those with similar interests in Economics and/or Finance to exchange ideas; build business networks; etc.