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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Taxation in Tanzania's Mining Sector

Many thank yous to an esteemed member of the forum by the name of Al who suggested this topic. The topic is open for discussion; we hereby kindly welcome all members to give us your views.

Please read the following Abstract from PWC

Mining & Taxation - Where to from here?
East Africa is emerging as a new frontier for mineral exploration. Leading the way is Tanzania which has seen significant investment following the introduction of a new mineral policy and tax regime in 1997 and 1998, and is now Africa's third largest gold producer. In Kenya a major titanium project is being developed. Against this background there is increasing focus on the question of taxation of mining. The presentation below given at the Eastern African Mining Industry Convention 2006 by David Tarimo, a Tax Partner in our Tanzania office, addresses issues relevant to the taxation of mining in the region.

The Full article can be found here (pdf)

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al said...

You can also get details on EA Tax Data Card 2006-2007. For 2007-2008 is not out yet