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Thursday, November 6, 2008

7th IFM annual conference coming

Dear Colleagues,
I am writting to notify you once again that the IFM Annual Conference will be taking place on 24th and 25th November at the Kilimanjaro Hotel Kempinski in Dar es Salaam.
The conference is ussually very educative, and provides a great opportunity of networking; this will be its 7th year running Background The Institute of Finance Management (IFM) organizes an annual International conference on matters relating to Financial Markets, Good Governance and Economic Development. This year's will be the SEVENTH in the series.
The conference primarily aims at bringing academics, practitioners, Government agencies, researchers, policy-makers, industry professionals and other stakeholders working or having an interest in any sub-field of finance and economics with a special reference to Financial Markets, Good Governance and Economic Development.
This year's conference will be held on Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th November 2008 at the Kilimanjaro Kempinski Hotel, Dar es Salaam.
The main theme of the conference is 'Financial Markets, Good Governance and Economic Development: Challenges and Prospects.'
Targeted Audience include Government agencies, academicians, practitioners, consultants, industrialists, policy makers, regulatory agencies, the general public, and other interested parties.
Invited speakers are drawn from a portfolio of reputable and experienced international authorities in the area from within and outside the African Continent.
The Conference is the ideal forum for the dissemination of the latest advances in Economic Development, Financial Markets and Good Governance. Ideally, the gathering is expected to facilitate an invaluable discussion among participants after each presentation.
Participants will have ample opportunity to discuss and share their experiences in the field.
Equal emphasis shall be placed on academic rigor and practical usefulness. We have great pleasure to invite scholars, practitioners, consultants, industrialists, policy makers, regulatory agencies, other interested parties and the general public to attend this International conference.

IFM is a non-profit Government Institution of higher learning and to ensure a smooth running of the conference participants will be charged a fee of TShs. 300,000/= per person to cover tea, coffee and snacks, three course hot and cold buffet lunch, soft drinks, pens and writing papers, copies of the papers to be presented, a conference bag and a cocktail party at the end of the conference.
Since conference space will be limited, we will advise you to confirm your participation and pay the appropriate fees at the Institute [Block A, 3rd Floor, Room 320] as soon as possible.
IFM looks forward to welcoming you and your colleagues to what promises to be an excellent International conference!
The registration of participants will be done on the day of the conference, and copies of the papers will be available on the same day.
If you have any questions regarding the conference you may contact:
Dr A.H. Makame
Conference Organizing Committee,
The Institute of Finance Management,
Shaaban Robert Street,
P.O.Box 3918,
Dar es Salaam,
el (office): +255222129181
Fax: +255222122045
+255777995556 or

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