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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

New report urges Africa to diversify exports to fight poverty

2008-09-16 10:45:26
By Beatrice Philemon
Most recent report by Debt, AIDS, and Trade in Africa (DATA) has yet again reminded Africa to diversify its exports further than over-reliance on raw agricultural products as the surest means of increasing its share of global trade.

It is DATA's 2008 report which categorically states that value-added products such as processed foods, apparels, footwear and other labour-intensive agricultural and manufactured goods are vitally important in boosting Africa?s trade in global markets and help uplift the continent from the shackles of poverty. More...


1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I think Africa should still specialize in Agricultural products essp the food products taking the advantage of rising food prices , as diversification may not benefit them much as we still very far behind technologically so we cant produce the high tech or medium tech products at a cost which will allow us to compete. the idea is to add more values on our agricultural products (packaging , quality) with this we can benefit