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Monday, September 8, 2008

DSE registers low turnover

Daily News; Tuesday,September 09, 2008 @00:04

The Dar es Salaam Stock Exchange (DSE) yesterday posted a 1.76m/- turnover after 1,100 shares changed hands in two deals. The bourse witnessed a steep drop from 27.22m/- turnover recorded on Friday, when 15,500 shares traded in 6 deals.

Two counters were active yesterday. The Tanzania Portland Cement Company (TPCC), which trades at the bourse as Twiga moved 500 shares, traded at 1,360/- each in a single deal. The Tanzania Breweries Limited had 600 shares traded at 1,800/- per share in one deal.

At the end of the session, TWIGA counter had 10,000 shares on bid at 1,340/- per share and 6,900 shares on offer at 1,360/- and 1,420/- per share. The National Investment Company Limited (NICOL) counter had 24,600 shares on offer at 305/- per share. TBL counter had 5,000 shares on bid at 1,800/- cum dividend per share.

The Tanzania Cigarette Company (TCC) had 2,000 shares on bid at 1,640/- cum dividend per share. The Tanga Cement Company (Simba) had 3,400 shares on bid at 1,720/- per share. The aviation services company, SWISSPORT, had 3,200 shares on offer at 650/- cum dividend per share. The Tanzania Oxygen Limited (TOL) had 1,700 shares on bid at 330/- per share.


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