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                              TOL 330.00     TBL 1,800.00     TTP 510.00     TCC 1,640.00     SIMBA 1,780.00     SWISSPORT 650.00     TWIGA 1,340.00 -20.00     NICOL 305.00     DCB 360.00     KA 1,500.00     EABL 2,000.00     JHL 5,860.00    
LAST UPDATE: 24/9/2008 - 5:58PM EAT

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

TBL, TWIGA lose 20 points each

TZS rises in the FOREX market

Tanzania Breweries Limited (DSE ticker: TBL) which opened at TZS 1,800 per share today, dropped back to TZS 1,780; a 20-point drop, same as Tanzania Portland Cement Company (DSE ticker: TWIGA) which dropped to 1,440; bringing the DSE Index down by 1.15 points to 1,078.46 at the end of trading today.

Meanwhile, in the FOREX market, the Tanzanian Shilling (TZS) has continued to fare well against the major foreign currencies; gaining 2.9600 against the USD, 23.3641 against the GBP and 17.1913 against the EUR. As for the Kenyan Shiling (KES), against which TZS hadn't done too well of late; TZS rose by 0.1735.
The price of Gold also dropped for the 2nd day running; decreasing by TZS 64,722.3263 to TZS 934,805.4647 per ounce of Gold.

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